Borlund Abandonment

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The massive demographic collapse of Borlund/Lamas (Deneb 1406) in the wake of the Abandonment. Borlund's high population was the result of insane Imperial development policies that turned this marginal world into a major manufacturer of Pre-Stellar level goods for export into the Vargr Extents. With the release of Virus, and the prior demise of its markets due to Vargr raiding, the world had become a major liability to the Regency, who placed it into the Frontier. Between 1132 and the present, Borlund has lost some 50 billion of its people. Only half of this number has been due to offworld emigration, as the movement of so many people was simply impossible even with the utilization of troop transports.

Instead the world's younger citizens were induced to emigrate by the planetary government and their elders, leaving behind an aging population that has diminished through natural death. Borlund is now a world of graying elderly people, supported largely by the remittances they receive from their descendants living elsewhere in the Regency. The local industries have largely ground to a halt, and most jobs are filled either by simple automation systems, virus resistant robots, or by offworld guest workers, many of whom are Vargr immigrants. The presence of the latter necessitates a major RQS contingent as a deterrence to Pack activities on this vulnerable world. Borlund is generally not thought of by people in the Safe as a world worth visiting, a sad casualty of necessity.

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