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Cost Cr25
Size 0.2l
Type Drug
Tech Level TL–11
Weight 0.2kg
10 shot cannister
Blur is an intense topical anesthetic and paralytic, and a spray to the exposed flesh will almost instantly deaden all sensation. Hands will drop weapons, attacks become uncoordinated, deadened legs lose balance, etc. In addition, face hits will often cause severe sensory distortion, hence the nickname of the spray.

Blur is usually sold in small cans, each with about 10 shots of chemical, for self defense purposes. On some worlds, the cannisters are simply spray bottles to allow application against an attacker, while more restrictive worlds require the cannister to include a camera system triggered by the applicator, taking a picture of who or what is being sprayed. Blur usually has an indelible skin dye for easy identification of the assailant.

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