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Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Group: TBD
Tech Level 3
Size TBD
Weight 3.0 kg
Cost Cr165 / Ammo Cr1
Ammo Ball
Manufacturer Various

A Blunderbuss is a stubby flintlock weapon with a flared muzzle (to speed loading, according to some experts), designed for close-range use. Primitive surface navies issue blunderbusses to boarding parties, but otherwise the weapon is of limited military utility. In civilian hands, blunderbusses are popular for close-in defensive applications. Shot is the most common loading for blunderbusses, because of the devastating short range damage, rivaling that of many more modern weapons.

The weapon can be fitted with an optional spring bayonet, This bayonet is kept folded against the side or top of the barrel when not in use, and is released by a thumb-operated latch when the firer desires. When released, the bayonet flips forward into position and locks into place, ready for use.

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