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Base Information
Classification Herbivore/grazer
Terrain {{{terrain}}}
Locomotion Walker
Size Small
Speed creep
Strength typical
Social Structure Small pack
Weapons None
Armor {{{armor}}}
Body Structure
Symmetry Radial
Head/Torso Torso with brain/senses
Limbs & Manipulators 12 forelimbs with tentacles, no rear limbs
Tail no
Skeleton Fluid Sacs
Internal Fluids Slime
Skin skin
Natural Weapons None
Body Shape
Size Small
Stance vertical
Length/Height 37cm
Body Profile Globular
Weight 25kg
Edibility no
Training Difficulty Yes
Homeworld Mirabilis (Solomani Rim 1332)
Multi-world Yes
Canon No
Extinct Extant
Reference JTAS Online

Blinders are service animals, who act in much the same fashion that Terran bomb and drug-sniffing dogs did centuries ago. Many Blinders are also kept as companion pets.

Physiology & Ecology[edit]

Appears to be a small cylindrical waste basket with one to two dozen tendrils like thick pasta waving upward. While it does not have any obvious eyes, it does perceive normal light.

In the wild, blinders are most often mottled green colors, giving them perfect camouflage for their environment. Domesticated individuals normally become greyish if fed normal synthesized proteins, various shades of green if fed real vegetables (or whatever color the vegetables are).

History & Background[edit]

This hermaphroditic symmetric creature has its most sensitive sensory organs at the top of its body, in a sort of pouch. This allows it to check items for danger while keeping them safely away from its mouth, under its foot-skirt.

Finally, there are some pet owners who buy special pigments and raise bright red or aquamarine blinders as pets.

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