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Cost Cr1,200
Size 180.0 liters
Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–9
Weight 30.0 kg

A bio-engineered artificial organism, the bio-still is a genetically-engineered life-form, which will eat organic garbage and excrete alcohol. The bio-still appears as a roughly egg-shaped body, 900mm high and 600mm wide, with a mouth on top and a pair of stout feet on the bottom. The still has a nipple on its front, from which the alcohol is drawn. The bio-still stands still for most of the day, however it will occasionally shuffle its feet and jiggle around. The still can produce around 40 litres of liquid every 5 days. The process of fermentation takes 5 days, after which time the alcoholic liquid can be drawn off via the nipple. The alcoholic fluid is around 14% ethanol by volume. It is essentially tasteless and needs to be flavoured with wine, beer, cider or mixed-drink flavouring. Bio-stills are illegal on a few worlds and are viewed with suspicion on many others.

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