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Cost Cr20,000
Size 10.0 liters
Type Construction Material
Tech Level TL–9
Weight 12.0 kg
Manufacturer Various
Bio-plastic (also Bioplastic, bioplas or bioplaz) is a polymer created through the use of genetically engineered bacteria. The creation process of bio-plastic involves pouring a feedstock nutrient solution into a mold and adding the engineered bacteria. As the nutrients are consumed the bacteria produce plastics as a byproduct, which combine with the feedstock to produce the final results. When the nutrients are exhausted, the bacteria simply die off. The time required for the bacteria to finish their work depends upon the size of the mold. In general it takes about an hour per liter to have the bio-plastic bacteria, longer for complex objects, less for larger or solid blocks.

Bio-plastic is cheap, easily moldable, and relatively quick way or producing a wide variety of goods. The density and composition of the plastic is easily varied from light weight foamed composites to high density solid members. The former used for packing materials and light weight containers, the latter for building materials. Colors can be added by the addition of dyes to the feedstock.

The only drawback to bio-plastic is its vulnerability to Ultraviolet light. The plastic degrades under constant exposure to UV, becoming unusable after a few weeks to a few months. It also does not work well under conditions of extreme environments (heat, cold or vacuum).

Bio-plastic is most frequently used as part of a colonization equipment list.

The most common form of shipping the Bio-plastic bacteria is in a 10 liter container, which weighs about 12 kg, and costs Cr20,000. The bacteria in shipment have been freeze-dried and can last several decades. Once revived by application of their nutrient feedstock, they are very vulnerable and can live only a few minutes when exposed to anything but their own sealed environment.

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