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Bill Paley is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Long-time gamer, Bill Paley, initially wrote for the fanzine Alarums & Excursions, where he "met" Jennell Jaquays.

  • Later, when Jaquays sold her magazine, The Dungeoneer to Chuck Anshell, Bill had the opportunity to write for it. When Anshell joined Judges Guild, Bill offered his talents as well, and thus was written Dra'k'ne Station, the first Traveller adventure ever published, among other items for FRPGs.
  • Later, Bill would work for FASA, writing Action Aboard/Adventures on the King Richard for Traveller, and The Mines of Selka for the Star Trek game system.
  • Bill is now a family practitioner in Southern California.

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