Belton class Sampan

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Belton class Sampan
Type: EE Escort
Origin Solomani
Tech Level TL–13
Size 600 Tons
Jump J-4
Maneuver 4 G
Hardpoints 6
Cargo 12 Tons
Crew 24 with 8 Marines
Passengers High/Med Low
Cost MCr565.964  in quantity 452.771

A light auxiliary patrol vessel built under contract at Boqueron (world) for the Solomani Navy at TL–13. The partially streamlined close configuration hull is unarmored and equipped for gas giant refueling with scoops and purification. These were converted from a civilian design. They are equipped to carry a squad of marines for boarding actions and custom's inspections. The 20 ton gig is the streamlined interface craft for landing on planets. The drives provide jump 4, 4 Gs acceleration and 4 agility performance. The six turrets include a triple sand caster, a dual fusion gun turret, a pair of triple beam laser turrets and a pair of triple missile turrets. Adjacent to the bridge is a powerful model 7 fib computer.

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