Battle of Two Suns

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The Battle of Two Suns (1084) was the climactic battle of the Fourth Frontier War, occurring midway between Yres (Spinward Marches 1802) and Menorb (Spinward Marches 1803).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Through the interrogation of prisoners and the reading of documents discovered on wrecked enemy ships the navy had discovered that the Zhodani had constructed a secret base on a rogue planet located roughly midway between the systems of Yres and Menorb. The navy sent a major task force to take out the base.

Part of the planned operation was the assault landing of marines on the rogue planet itself. As the landing was carried out, a reserve force of Zhodani ships appeared and struck at the Imperial task force.

The 154th Battle Rider Squadron was one of the units in the Spinward Marches participating in the Battle of the Two Suns.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Losses on both sides were heavy, but the Imperium held the field over the Outworld Coalition forces and lengthening supply lines prevented further outworld advances. Had the battle gone the other way, the loss of both Yres and Menorb would have forced the evacuation of Efate (Spinward Marches 1705) and the coreward end of the Regina Subsector would have collapsed.

  • One famous ship in the battle was the Battle Cruiser Allamu. A Kinunir Class vessel, the Allamu was caught in the van, and withstood over four hours of steady attack before suffering screen failure. Lost with all hands.
  • The armistice was signed before instructions for the conduct of the war were received from Capital (Core 2118).
  • On 117-1085, the Emperor personally memorialized the name "Allamu", which will henceforth be assigned to dreadnought-class ships and above. To date, no ship bearing the name has been constructed.
  • The battlefield is still posted as a dangerous area, littered with debris, and avoided by interstellar transportation.

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