Battle of Jacent

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Description / Specifications[edit]

Despite their self-imposed isolation and strong opposition from powerful Factions among the Sath, the Issh't'ka granted expansionist elements of the Sath leadership the right to perform a reconnaissance-in-force of the human worlds to coreward of Sath territory to assess their defenses and their level of development. The scouting squadron, consisting of ultra-long-range jump-1 ships, was designed specifically to be able to overcome the kinds of human defenses that had been encountered during the Jacent Incident, two centuries before.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

When it entered the Jacent system the Sath squadron was met by the majority of the Confederation task force stationed there, which: an armored cruiser and a pair of light cruisers escorted by destroyers and other lighter vessels. Although records are unclear about the exact sequence of events, the Sath certainly fired the first shots when they destroyed a human naval launch that happened to be close to their jump exit point.

The human warships massively outclassed the Sath vessels and comprehensively defeated them: only one Sath ship, which had exited jump some distance from the main force, was able to escape. The Battle of Jacent, as it became known, caused a huge social upheaval among the Sath and massively reinforced both their dislike of humans and their their policy of isolation.

  • The destruction of the Sath vessels represented the loss of a substantial percentage of their starfaring capability. Starships, always in short supply, were never again thrown away with such frivolity and their usage was tightly controlled.

The irony is that if the Sath had chosen to visit the Jacent system even just a few decades later, they would have found a pleasant barren world ideal for conquest and settlement, complete with an abandoned orbital port facility. Humans weren't active within the system again until sometime around 3300AD, and the Sath around a century after that.

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