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Cost Variable
Size 4m³
Type Personal item
Tech Level TL–8
Weight 50kg

A common device, used by busy people, the autoserver is a multi-function unit which delivers meals at pre-set times. The unit consists of a large refrigerated food storage unit, a heating unit and an arrangement of robot arms and conveyor tracks to deliver the food to the hatch. Typically, autoservers are hired by individuals who take out a contract with the autoserver company to supply the machine. The autoserver will heat (or chill) and serve up to 5 pre-cooked meals a day at set times, chosen by the operator. The menu choice is wider with more expensive models and narrower with cheaper models, but even the cheapest autoserver company will offer around 4 different morning meals, 10 different day-meals and 20 different evening meals, with 8 different snacks for other times. Autoservers are available with different storage capacities; the cheapest hold 1 week's meals for 4 people or 4 weeks meals for 1 person and must be refilled at the end of that time, more expensive models will hold up to a month's meals for 4 people or 4 months food for 1 person while the most expensive are connected to an in-house conveyor unit and are refilled daily. These expensive models will deliver meals for up to 10 people. To use an autoserver, the user chooses their week's menu from the computerised list and sets the timer. The CPU inside the unit will inform the delivery office of the required meals and a delivery unit will be dispatched to fill the machine. The autoserver will then sound a tone at the appropriate meal times. All the user must do is remove the food from the unit and close the hatch. Autoservers run on contract, with cheaper models costing around CR10 per person per day. Most autoserver companies provide food for infants under 1 year old free with an adult's meals. Autoservers are built in, with the smaller models being around 4m³ in size and the largest being around 8m³ in size. This device appears at TL8.

A larger shipboard model of the autoserver is available for the use of ship's passengers and crew. These units do not run on contract, but are usually refilled using pre-packed modules by a crew member. They hold and deliver up to 2 month's meals for up to 10 people.

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