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Cost 20 Cr
Size 20 cm3
Type Personal item
Tech Level TL–10
Weight 100g
Autopops are hard to classify since they are allegedly a food product, yet yield no nutrition and are not consumable. Imperial authorities often classify them as "curiosities" or entertainment devices.

Autopops are electronic lollypops. The device uses electro-gustometry to simulate flavours and scents.

The autopop consists of a spherical “flavour bulb”, about 25mm wide, attached, via a cord to a small control unit. The control unit features a small screen, an on/off toggle and a number pad. In use, the user chooses a flavour, by dialing up the number of the desired taste and sucks on the flavour bulb.

Flavour software for the autopop is purchased separately, as downloads. The flavours are purchased in groups, called “sweet suites”; these include such collections as “Fruit Fantasies”, “Candy Creations”, “Cocktails”, “Chocolate World” and the “Gross Collection”, designed for practical jokes.

A bioelectric device, which was originally built as a give-away, promotional device for the Better 'N Real billboard company, but became so popular that they went into permanent production.

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