Auto-Grenade Launcher

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Generic Auto-Grenade Launcher
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Generic Auto-Grenade Launcher
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level 7
Size 900.0 mm
Weight 6,000.0 gms
Cost Cr1,400
Ammo 40mm grenade, x16 round drum
Manufacturer Various
Generic Auto-Grenade Launcher

An Auto-Grenade Launcher (6,000.0 grams loaded; Cr1,400; TL-7) is essentially an upgrading of the early grenade launcher for vehicular use, the auto grenade launcher fires 40mm grenades at a practical rate of fire of 100 rounds per minute. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Auto-Grenade Launcher:" The weapon is available in two primary configurations:

  1. Pintel Mount
  2. Turret Mount

The turret mount version is fed from a 200 round ammunition bay, while the pintel mount is fed from a 16 round drum. Reloading of the ammunition bay requires fifteen to twenty minutes. Replacement of an empty drum requires several minutes if only a single gunner is manning the weapon, and less time if a loader is present.

Each pull of the trigger fires a four round burst, up to six of which may be fired per firing (subject to ammunition supply). Each burst may be targeted on a separate target within the firing arc of the weapon. Pintle Mounts have a firing arc of 90 degrees; turrets have an arc of 180 degrees. Auto grenade launchers fire only HE Grenades with the firing advantages of RAM grenade causing heavy damage. Fire beyond 500 meters is not possible. [2]

Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 900.0 mm. Weight, unloaded: 6,000.0 grams (each 40mm grenade weighs 200.0 grams; sixteen-round drum weighs 3,500.0 grams). Base price: Cr1,400 (crate of 20 grenades for the ammunition bay, Cr100. Sixteen-round drum Cr85).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Explosive weapons are developed as early as the TL:1-3 epoch. In the Terran tradition, some of the earliest wielders of such explosives were known as grenadiers, as in soldiers employing grenades or explosive bombs. Specialized grenadiers were often known as sappers. Some ingenious explosive weapons have been invented by primitive TL:1-3 civilizations including napalm-like pyrotechnics.

By the industrial epoch of TL:4-6, hand grenades have grown common, but suffer from the limitations of being thrown by a sophont’s manipulatory limbs. Rifle Grenades typically appear as one of the solutions to range limitations with early hand grenades.

Typically by the TL:7-9 epoch, sophonts have begun to work around the limitations of thrown weapons by using kinetic projectors or special launchers for such weapons. Grenade Launchers are some of these solutions to firing grenades at farther ranges. [4]

Selected Auto-Grenade Launcher Models[edit]

  1. TL-5 Rifle Grenade
  2. TL-7 Auto-Grenade Launcher

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