Athune class Grav Cycle

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Built for Yimin Jiti on Athune (world), these vehicles are found in recon formations called Marine Hussars.

Athune Grav Cycle

Tech Level 9
Mass ~0.33 tons
Cost Cr421,952.37
Mode Gravitic
Speed maximum 1,827 kph
cruise 1,370 kph
NOP 130 kph
Cargo 0
Crew 1 Operator
Passengers 0
Armament (Turret) Two Laser Rifles and (4) TAC Missiles

Athune Grav Bike (TL 9)[edit]

This is a light, unarmored scout vehicle with a single crew/operator. Besides avionics, there are no real object avoidance sensors, riders must feel their way at high speeds. Spectacular, last minute, rocket assisted ejections just in the nick of time have been observed when collisions could not be avoided. They tend to travel in groups with a few spotting and lasing targets while the rest hang back and lob TD missiles from defilade. They rely on their speed to avoid danger and use skirmishes and ambushes to take out enemy vehicles. It carries a pair of laser rifles in a stabilized remote chin turret and four rail launched TAC missiles.


Height: 1.8 m; Width: 1 m; Length: 2.5 m.
Total usable volume: 4.5 m³
Total mass loaded: 7.5 metric tons
Armor: Chassis all faces, 2.
Target Size DMs: +1 low
Production Cost: Cr421,925.37


Onboard gravitic generators produce 1.6 Gs of maneuvering thrust.

Maximum: 1,827 kph/1,522 cm; Cruise: 1,370 kph/1,142 cm; NOP: 130 kph/108 cm.
Movement effect on fire: -2 EFP

The vehicle is equipped with a full TL 9 avionics suite.

Power / Equipment:[edit]

Power: 2 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 3 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 17.5 liters, enough for 5.8 hours.
  • Sealed environment with life support;
  • 10 anti-laser aerosols;
  • panic switch with rocket escape;
  • basic ECM;
  • image enhancement and thermal imaging for night operations;
  • 5km LASER communicator and 5,000 km range radio;
  • map box.


Full weapons stabilization.

Front Chassis Mount[edit]

There is a pair of laser rifles mounted in the stabilized chin turret, in the front of the chassis which can be used for target designation. Each has a 100 shot battery.

Direct Fire Characteristics: Laser Rifle
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
180 m (9) 360 m (4) 1,800 m (1)

TAC Missile Systems[edit]

The Grav Cycle has four tactical missile launch rails, two on each side of the chassis firing forward. The 42.0968kg missiles are armed with a 20cm HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) warhead capable of penetration 52 on hard steel armor or a HE 29/4/5 warhead. Two target designated HEAP missiles are carried for dealing with tanks and two HE homing missiles are carried to deal with light vehicles and aircraft. The missiles are available in long range and hyper velocity interceptor variants.

Direct Fire Characteristics:
Type Range Price
HE warhead Homing 24km or 14km +10 DM Cr360
HEAP warhead Target Designated 24km or 14km +10 DM Cr872

The launch system doesn't have room for reloads. One crew member is required to manually reload the rails externally.


Vehicle: 5

Weapons: 12

Electronics: 10

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