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Among the military forces of the Yimin Jiti, the people of Athune (world) have some interesting military formations. These regiments vary in size depending on their recent combat activities. They start at full strength at around 1,500 troopers. They are equivalent to three traditional battalion sized forces.

The headquarters detachment/regimental command post consists of the Regimental CO who is a full Colonel and their XO a Lieutenant Colonel and their small staff. With replacements this group seldom numbers more than thirty soldiers.

There are four support companies which include; a medical company with fourteen ambulances equipped with company clearing stations, a mess/logistics company (what soldiers need: food, water, small arms ammo) with fifteen field kitchens, a maintenance/recovery company (tow trucks, workshops and mechanics) and a quartermaster/supply company (what vehicles need: fuel, parts, lubricants, rounds of ammo).

There are ten combat companies. These include two artillery batteries commanded by Majors, one battery of ten MRLS and one battery of ten SPGs. There are eight motorized infantry companies. Each is commanded by a Captain. They have ten light 6x6 Yimin Jiti Voltigeurs, wheeled transports with three crew and as many as seven dismounts, depending on the size and capacity of the model of transport. This regimental structure typically deploys for independent operations, garrisons and low threat duty. They are low cost and easy to deploy, for low intensity conflicts and counter insurgency. This structure does not emphasize battalion level operations. Individual task forces are formed from the pool of available assets and allocated to missions as needed. These task forces stay together until the mission is completed and then rejoin the pool. Units smaller than companies are typically not detached. Companies stay together and develop lasting bonds, with good unit cohesion. Platoons within the company are incidental, three groups of three are typical with a company command vehicle. That situation can rapidly change as casualties mount. Units are typically not reinforced in the field once committed. They go with what they have until they are done. Only orders to rotate out can change their fate. The incentive is, if you want to go home, if you want leave, you had better "win". Units rotating off a combat assignments, typically redeploy to a rear area base. They retool, train new recruits, and resupply prior to they next deployment. The rest cycle usually lasts a few months.

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