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Asti/Fisas (Uistilrao 2911)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportB Good: Spacecraft Construction, Overhaul, Refined fuel
Size8 Large (12,800 km, 0.80g - 1.08g)
Atmosphere7 Standard (tainted)
Hydrographics9 Wet World 90%
Population5 Moderate (800 thousand)
Government7 Balkanization
Law8 High Law (controlled blades)
Tech LevelB Average Stellar (large starships)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M0 V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 4
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Asti is a nonindustrial world, that requires extensive imports of outside technology to maintain a modern, star-faring society.

  • In a technological universe, societies without industrial capability generally suffer as nearly all manufactured and high tech goods must be brought in at significant cost.
  • As a nonindustrial world, it requires extensive imports of outside technology to maintain a modern, star-faring society. The need to import most manufactured and high technology goods drives the price of these goods up in the open market.
  • This world is part of the Aslan Hierate, as a world where multiple clans have split control of the planet, in the Fisas Subsector of Uistilrao Sector.

Description / Astrography & Planetology[edit]

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Monostellar System[edit]

Asti Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Color Classification Remarks
Asti Primary Red M0 V

System Data[edit]

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Mainworld Data[edit]

Asti's main world (the seventh planet in the system) is a small wet and lightly populated world with an orange atmosphere.

Mainworld Geography & Topography[edit]

In fact, one of the most noteworthy features of Asti's main world is the uncanny situation where many clans dwell on large scale water vessels akin to cities sailing the planet. Aslan from Asti are marked by their rather unusual affinity and comfort with water. Asti was the subject of a study conducted by the Imperial College of the Aston sector. In it, a leading Astrobiophysican uses Asti as a prime example of the intimate relationship between planetary mineral composition and the emergence of culture. The central thesis is that Asti's main planet's preponderance of iron oxides and water combined to essentially leave the resident colonizing species with no choice but to create vast large iron barge like cities with platforms supplying grazing ground for species of stock animals that thrived on biomorphic algae that thrive in the tainted atmosphere.

Mainworld Map[edit]

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Native Lifeforms[edit]

A botanist from the Imperial University of Eifau is currently investigating the properties of this beverage drawn from the pollen of a rare luminescent biomorphic state of an unusually colored sub-species of the Asti'A's algae harvest.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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World Starport[edit]

Asti has a good quality starport.

  • A Class-B Starport Facility has not very well developed shipyards and is only capable of producing spaceships.
  • This facility has many very skilled personnel who can perform not only major repair work, but overhaul work as well.
  • This facility has advanced refueling and refining infrastructure. One may purchase practically any kind of refined fuel here.
  • Almost every starport of this class possesses both a Lowport and a Highport. Such ports rarely have more than one of each kind of port.
  • The Skinsbrow Inn and Bar is said to be a good place to secure trade in the starport. There is also rumored to be a drink that can have profound psionic effects on non-Aslan visitors but it does not appear to have that effect on the Aslan themselves.

World Technology Level[edit]

Asti possesses a Technology Level of TL–11 or TL-B in Hexadecimal Notation.

World Government[edit]

Asti has a Balkanized government.

  • No central ruling authority exists. Rival governments compete for control.
  • The typical power source of this government is a Balkanization.
  • The typical power structure of this government is a Confederation (Anarchy).

World Law Level[edit]

No information yet available.

World Military[edit]

No information yet available.

World Economy[edit]

Though low by Imperium standards, the Asti'A, as they call themselves, make the most of their technology.

  • A digital intelligence fabric regulates monetary and information exchange in a manner that optimizes the output and well being of the mostly satisfied citizens.

Trade Data[edit]

No information yet available.

World Demographics[edit]

The population occupies itself with non-industrial activities associated with planetary rotation cycles or 'rituals' that extend for many concentric cycles; the larger of which extend beyond the life spans of citizens and even the balkanized states that organize the planet.

World Culture[edit]

Spending time with their clan and prides, the Aslan are fairly peaceful due to a system interwoven in the ritual dynamics which allocates land in a manner that is both reflective of what is considered a just distribution and a relatively limited land mass on which to live on the surface. The Travellers' Aid Society rates the planet aloof but tolerant to visitors. Travellers' logs advise visitors to the planet to expend extra efforts not to interrupt the dances and ritualistic harmonic creations orchestrated on a daily basis on a massive scale. The sound is said to be 'beautiful' and 'indescribable' or 'like drinking light beams through your ears" in various traveler submissions to the central log.


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Historical Data[edit]

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World Timeline[edit]

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UWP Listing[edit]

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