Assemblage of 1116

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The Assemblage of 1116 was an opportunistic state (polity) founded in 1116 upon receiving notification of Strephon's assassination.


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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The state was founded by the popular dictator of Ngorsraek (Tuglikki 1937), Arruna Kosghaele Zal. Though not able to defeat the Domain of Deneb fleet en masse, a joint mustering of independent corsairs and planetary navies inflicted major damage upon many Denebian worlds in subsectors adjacent to the Assemblage, and caused major evacuations even before the arrival of Virus. The worst of this damage came in the coreward extents of Lamas and Pretoria subsectors, and many of the casualties were civilians killed in raids on commerce and ground installations.

So great was the hatred of Regency citizens and local military cadres for the Assemblage, that in the wake of the Battle of Ashes no surrender of any Assemblage affiliated units was ever accepted. Instead nearly every unit that attempted encounter was massacred, with no special distinction made between legitimate units or corsairs. Many Assemblage civilians were also massacred by enraged planetary militias on worlds where Vargr forces did not have an advantage or control.

A significant portion of the Assemblage's forces already present in the Domain of Deneb's outer marches managed to stave off further assaults, and regrouped surviving stragglers. So poisonous is the relationship between locals and these holdouts that the Regency must manage strong naval patrols in coreward Deneb for the purpose of buffering the two communities. Information coming through Gehenna has indicated that several worlds in the former Assemblage are on the verge of making a recovery from Virus, and this has further inflamed tensions in the coreward Frontier.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

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Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

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Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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8 Worlds in Assemblage of 1116
Caladib  •  Gzigorlloe  •  Haniiwa  •  Kirklend  •  L'sis  •  Malkei  •  Mur  •  Retion  •  

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