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An Assault Transport is a combat lander whose primary roles are to suppress the enemy and to to ferry troops, AFV's, and combat materiel from space to the surface.


These vessels specialize in supporting ground operations, and usually are associated with the delivery of troops in combat zones. They also serve in other combat support roles including combat resupply, medevac, communications, and direct/indirect fire support.

  • Jump capability is normally restricted to the larger ship classes.
  • Please see Military Starship Types for more information.

Strategy and Doctrine[edit]

Assault Transports are most often sent in after an extended planetary bombardment is conducted.

History and background[edit]

No information yet available.

Ship Classes[edit]

  • Assault Transport: A relatively large vessel for the class, both armed and armored. They often carry organic troop transports and provide standoff combat support.
  • Assault Shuttle: A smaller vessel with limited troop capacity. Although it is armored, its weapon suite is much more limited.

Representative Types[edit]

13 Representative Assault Transport (I) Classes[edit]

Class Origin Hull
Tonnage Jump
Assault Lander Class Marine Gig Third Imperium IS 15 20 Jump 0
Biskra Class Regimental Assault Cruiser Katowice IA 14 50,000 Jump 4
Black Jack Class Regimental Command Transport Descar IL 9 500 Jump 1
Dominion Class Troop Transport Katowice II 11 6,000 Jump 2
Druse Class Assault Lander Avalar Consulate IAl 9 30 Jump 0
Eiaikeiar class Intruder Transport Aslan IL 14 3,000 Jump 3
Fringian Assault Transport Distant Fringe II 10 300 Jump 0
Gram class troop transport Sword Worlds II 12 22,000 Jump 3
Hero Class Intruder Transport Aslan IMI 14 3,000 Jump 3
Heward Class Troop Transport Third Imperium IA 15 90,000 Jump 4
Hussar Class Light Troop Transport Solomani IL 13 10,000 Jump 4
Infinite Stratos Assault Transport Darrian IA 15 100,000 Jump 4
K'Bam Class Assault Lander Akras IAS 8 8 Jump 0

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