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The pending abandonment of Askigaak/Star Lane (Deneb 0629), by a major percentage of its population. Askigaak is a primarily Vilani culture world (albeit with a primarily Solomani population), settled early in the Third Imperium period. It is a frigid water world whose land is primarily seamounts and archipelagoes that jut above the icepacks of the temperate latitudes. Most of the population has lived in sprawling underwater arcologies, often in very miserable conditions. The Industrial Development Program raised its tech level from 12 to 14, and improved offworld access considerably. But since 1117, the population has increased to an unsustainable 123 billion people, compounded in large part by the successful IDP instigation of massive industrialization.

A survey made in 1184 indicated that the world's meager ecosystem was near failure due to the massive stress created by such a massive population. Moreover the increasing number of people made very heavy casualties likely on such an earthquake prone world. After negotiations between Regent Seldrian, the subsector governor and the Askigaak government, a plan was drawn up that would evacuate about eighty to eighty five percent of the population to other nearby worlds. Several less well populated worlds were approached with the offer of hosting at least a portion of Askigaak's displaced population in return for monetary aid and high population status.

To date only three of her Star Lane neighbors have agreed to begin accepting displaced persons in the next decade: Azizyah (Deneb 0229), Rimkuku (Deneb 0228), which was contingent upon terraforming) and Kernal (Deneb 0626). Negotiations with Norg (Deneb 0729) and Imone (Deneb 0826) are ongoing. Azizyah will be the big winner, having agreed to accept nearly 25 billion people. The amount of the compensation package accepted by Azizyah's population is still confidential, but is rumored to be quite massive.

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