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Canon No
Classification Omnivore/gatherer
Extinct Extant
Homeworld Varen's Planet (Vanguard Reaches 2503)
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Multi-world No
Psi Potential High
Reference Darkhstarr
Size 1.6 meters
Status Minor Race
Weight 80.0 kg

The Asderonti are a minor race created by Ancient gene manipulation.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

Physiology & Environment (Ecology)[edit]

They are evidently one the more bizarre ancient experiments. About 1.6 meters tall, their large eyes, pointed ears, and pointed chins give the look of elves from some Solomani fairy tail. Their other striking mutation their possession of four arms, which besides being ambidextrous are quite dexterous. They are excellent at anything involving manual dexterity and great eye-hand coordination. Their skin is quite dark as is their hair. Eye color runs from black, bluish-black, or red. They are weaker than human norm. Despite their aberrations, Asderonti are perfectly capable of interbreeding with other Humaniti races. They tend to live for about 250 years.

  • Some of the Asderonti possess the Droyne ability to pass unseen, a sort of psionic invisibility, which may explain that only 123 confirmed meetings with Asderonti have occurred in the Beyond or Vanguard Reaches in the last 300 years. Thirty percent of these have been Asderonti enslaved by Tuablin for the techno-slave black market (many of these are mute/deaf).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Asderonti are a Minor Race created by Ancient gene manipulation. Created by an Ancient they called the Teacher as an experiment to create techs to assist him and his trusted assistants in building a sphereworld. During the Ancients War, the ‘Teacher’ dismantled much of the sphereworld and placed his prized creations in stasis.

  • They were first discovered by Hsien raiders on the unfinished sphereworld (later colonized as Varen’s Planet (Vanguard Reaches )) where they had been placed in stasis prior to the Ancients’ War.
  • At first, grateful to the Hsien, they went back with them to the Hsien homeworld to settle and teach higher technology. Reaching the Hsien homeworld, the Asderonti discovered they were to become the techno-slaves for the dinosaurian pirates, helping their captors build a slave empire.
  • After centuries of slavery, the Hsien became complacent and the Asderonti revolted, capturing the thinly held homeworld of the Hsien. The offworld fleets retaliated by nuclear bombardment, destroying the Hsien throneworld and the rebels. At the same time, the one percent of Asderonti offworld, disappeared, sabotaging the installation they left behind.
  • Deprived of their slave techs, the Hsien Empire became vulnerable to its enemies, and became dispersed, becoming the Eli pirates (Vanguard Reaches), the Jekri (Foreven), The Scorpion Empire (Far Frontiers), and the Toishan (The Beyond). Very little or none of this information is known by non-Asderonti.
  • The Asderonti at first tried to find the ‘Teacher’, decades of futile search has led the Asderonti to assume he is gone forever. They now live as gypsies, traveling the space lanes as tinkers and entertainers.

Culture & Society (Ethnology)[edit]

Most of the race exhibits a quiet, unassuming nature which is a natural state for them, not the result of slavery. They are also pacifists, but not to the point of stupidity. The Asderonti have a fondness for children, no matter the species.

  • Their attitude towards the Ancients is one of pure worship, especially their own mentor. They even treat Droyne as angelic beings.
  • Asderonti wear very bright clothing, often with capes, robes, etc., to disguise their multiple pairs of arms. Males and females both wear short hair, though a few entertainers wear their hair long. Both sexes are fond of techno jewelry, tools, and any kind of technological toys.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

Though originally TL–18, they have deliberately lost most of their technical training and at this time any Asderonti met can be anywhere from TL–9 to TL–16. Most sentients class them as TL–6 or TL–7, which suits the Asderonti fine. The race has an affinity for building and repairing high tech devices, especially drives, contragravity, jewelry, and especially toys.

  • Any ship blessed to have an Asderonti working in their engine room will find the engines running like they never have before.
  • After years of fruitless searching, the Asderonti have failed to discover any trace of their Ancient mentor and some now work at finding a suitable planet to settle. Others, curious about a wide universe they never knew existed, travel around as nomads. They sought once to colonize Droyne worlds but there seems to be an antipathy between the Asderonti and the Droyne. An ongoing concern of Asderonti is the dismantling of extant Ancients devices (such as the few devices still extant upon the Varen sphereworld) to prevent their use by the unwary and the violent of nature. They also are involved in research to help the Chirper races reverse their population dive, a project they treat as a holy mission.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

Though non-violent, the Asderonti have taken steps against the slavers that have resulted in the arrest or mysterious disappearances of slaver groups/ships in the last 72 years. Though pacifists, they are known to carry many non-lethal weapons as well as a few Ancients devices designed for them.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This race (sophont species) is primarily located in the following areas:

  • No information yet available.

Homeworld: 1105[edit]

The homeworld of this race is:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

Significant communities of this race (sophont species) are known to exist within the following systems and worlds:

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