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A broadly used term within the Hegemony of Lorean. It usually means ‘humans who are from Arzul Sector’: but the meaning can be extended to ‘of, or relating to, Arzul Sector’.

Occasionally, the word is used as a synonym for Lorean. Not to be confused with Arzulan: the previous term for these people, it became a synonym for pitiless, cruel contempt.

Racially, the Arzula are dominantly Vilani in ancestry, with a strong ‘minor notes’ of Solomani Slavic and Arabic heritages. Assorted minor human groups, now extinct as discreet races, also influence bloodlines across the sector.

Culturally, they are best described as

  • a blend of Vilani conformity and caution,
  • a Solomani taste for relentless expansionism and racial supremacy, and
  • a very old-school political messianic authoritarianism.

Their imagined destiny is as the catalyst of the LastMan, which will at once destroy all their nonhuman enemies, bring Humaniti across the next evolutionary level, and insure the glory of the Arzula people forever.

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