Army Lt Colonel Mariam Pavlov

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Personal Details[edit]

Mytas Colonial Occupation Forces

Name: Mariam Pavlov
Current Rank: Army Lt Colonel
UPP: 59658A
Age: 30 (3 terms)


Fwd Obsvr-2, Mechanical-1, Blade-1, Rifle-2, SMG-2, Tactics-1

Current Assets[edit]

Middle Passage x2 (for annual leave to visit family)

Personal Funds: Cr32,000

Background / History[edit]

Military Service[edit]

Service History: Attempted to enlist in Army. Enlistment accepted. Commissioned during first term of service as Lieutenant. Promoted to Captain.

Voluntarily reenlisted for second term. Promoted to Major.

Voluntarily reenlisted for third term. Promoted to Lt Colonel.

Personal Background[edit]

She is currently serving on Mytas, she is away from her two children and husband on Lyssana for the first time. She misses them very much, but is a dedicated and loyal, recruiting poster (literally) soldier. She joined the army to help pay for college. She ended up pregnant, couldn't keep up with classes and had to drop out. She was rapidly promoted, some say for her looks, and well connected family. Her husband is a school teacher. Her early years were spend as an artillery scout, and she is never seen without her electronic binoculars scanning the dusty Mytas horizon for tell tale dust columns from enemy movement. She has been in command of the Mytas Colonial Occupation Forces for six months. She personally thinks the Goliath I class AFV and Goliath II class AFV projects are bad ideas and has been asking her superiors for alternative vehicles. She thinks the triple red suns are an evil omen, that they can bake one's mind and sap the loyal soldier's morale and will to win.

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