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Arean Transport LIC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Imperial and Vilani megacorporation Makhidkarun.

Description (Portfolio)[edit]

It was originally the transportation section of Makhidkarun bureaux.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

Interstellar transport.


Arean Transport is a wholly owned subsidiary of Makhidkarun.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Arean Transport is the passenger transport of Makhidkarun and has been providing passenger transport services for several thousand years.

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]


This business is primarily known to operate out of the following locations:

Dagudashaag Sector
Meduram Main StarLines has an agreement with Makhidkarun to lease Arean Transport ships and provide passenger transport along the Dagudashaag Main.
Lishun Sector
Amsa (Lishun 0429) - Arean Transport provides exclusive transport for all cargo and passengers to and from Amsa.
Vland Sector
Shabii (Vland 2408) - Arean Transport maintains a separate Class B starport for its exclusive use that has direct connection to parent Makhidkarun's worldwide storage and transshipment labyrinth.

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