Witnesses of Arbellatra

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In the last few decades of the 900s, a millennial cult sprang up in the Corridor Sector. The 'Witnesses of Arbellatra' believed that the Imperium would end in the year in the year 1000. What happened to the cultists after their disappearance in 997 remained a mystery until the SuSAG survey team investigated several of the wrecks of System Defense Boats found on the Darkmoon (Corridor 2111)'s ocean floor. They were crammed full of low berths, each containing a cultist in deep sleep. Tragically, the majority of the second-hand berths were faulty and few of the 'Witnesses of Arbellatra' have survived to tell their tale. Each day the prison warden sends out teams to locate and investigate the cult's arks, reviving those that they still can. The work pays better than being a SuSAG pharmaceutical research subject, but discovering and dealing with a stripped spaceship hulk full of corpses can be psychologically traumatic for members of the salvage team and even more so for those cultists that come out of their low berths still alive. The corporation, though, sees the salvage work as good publicity.

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