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Apex Sciences is a large corporation of the Distant Fringe.


Apex Sciences is considered to be a part of the Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Education Business Sector. Its primary area of operations is the rimward parts of Halcyon Sector. It is chiefly concerned in scientific research and study for commercial purposes, although it also directly funds a number of charitable foundations.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

  • Clear bracketing of desired research results.
  • Continuance and extrapolation of existing projects.
  • Data gathering and collation services.
  • Definition, formulation and implementation of research hypotheses.
  • Presentation of final results and conclusions.
  • Supporting research and definition of all aspects of projects.
  • Sampling, data analysis, and explanations of observations.
  • Testing of hypotheses by experimentation.

Governance & Organization[edit]

Apex Sciences is governed by a Chief Technician and a Committee of Trustees. It is run by the Chief Operations Manager, Senior Technical Managers and Department Directors. It has an extensive Records and Archives Office, a Legal Department, a Sophont Resources Bureau, a Public Relations Office, a Finance Department, and a very large Internal Security Department.

Head Office[edit]

The head office is located on Selasia, a major commercial center and trade hub located in the Bright Conclave within Halcyon Sector. As well as the main administrative complexes its headquarters includes an extensive corporate retreat and spa complex, a charitable foundation educating the exceptionally gifted, a number of executive villas, and large private estates with associated recreational facilities where business may be undertaken in complete privacy. The company controls a private spaceport facility on the world.

Major Divisions[edit]

  • Advanced Products Division
  • Biological Division
  • Electronics and Computer Systems Group
  • Energy Research and Development
  • Materials Research Division
  • Medical Research Group
  • Military & Naval Division
  • Robotics Division
  • Special Systems Division
  • Technological Research and Development


Stock ownership:

  • Grieg Saloman (Apex) Group – 21%,
  • Archus Mutual Investment – 18%,
  • Melesur Purchasing – 16%,
  • Ignazz Unschkrerr & Bean – 15%,
  • Private ownership – 11%,
  • Public ownership – 9%,
  • Younger Stock Investments – 7%,
  • University of Selasia – 3%.


  • Bio-Cyber (producing cybernetic devices and components).

Notable Investments[edit]

  • Symbiosis Design: 6% holding.

Corporate Holdings[edit]

The company maintains Regional Head Offices, administrative centers, production plants, construction and maintenance facilities, commercial premises, industrial complexes and private territory across the region, along with the equipment, machinery, vehicles and technology necessary to maintain operations. It has private berthing facilities in a number of starports lying along Star Lanes within the rimward and trailing parts of Halcyon Sector. Its various assets and holdings are protected by corporate security.

  • Apex Sciences has a corporate fleet of personnel transport craft and maintains a small number of specialist research vessels.

History & Background[edit]

The corporation was founded by a consortium of business interests on Selasia during the early part of the 52nd century.

Trade Partners[edit]

Trade Competitors[edit]

  • BioEngin Technical
  • Meridio Life Science
  • NuLife, Unlimited


Apex Sciences is at the cutting edge of research and development. It is rumored to have an extensive "black projects" program, funded by military and paramilitary organisations and focused on developing powerful cybernetic enhancements for selected military personnel.

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