Antusheng Subsector

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Varan Subsector
Uncharted Foldet Kesrith

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The Barrens
Sector Varan
No. of Stars 19
Majority Control - %

The Antusheng Subsector is named after two Varan Justiciars, Dovin Antu and Lymann Sheng. They created the first Psi-regs, and were instrumental in the creation of the modern-day judicial system in use throughout the sector.

The penal colony at Ryfe is an offshoot of their policies. The world houses some of the worst criminals in the sector, yet is well-known for the quality of the organics produced planetside.

The odd part of the arrangement is that the populace is quite content with the system. Unlike Imperial prisons, the prisoners here truly have a chance to redeem themselves. As a result, they police each other far better than any regular guard system could ever hope to match.

Preparations are slowly being made for colonial expansion from Sendorna (Varan 0726) to I-0528. The build-up is expected to take about 50 years, in conjunction with the final catch-up phase of the sector-wide technological restart.

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