Antra Pocket War

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The Antra Pocket War was an "Insurgency" war fought over several worlds between the Regency and a large coalition of Puppeteer virus viruses in the period of 1160-1165.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Three Puppeteer fleets took over the world of Ostov (Deneb 1905) in 1159, and began infiltrating the Regency Frontier near Dunant (Deneb 1806). This was accomplished through the audacious use of Vargr guerrillas formerly associated with a God Virus that had been taken over by one of the fleets. The guerrillas were supported by well balanced units of warships that took up position at strategic locations in a system. Under the protective screen of orbital firepower, the guerrillas seized strategic and easily defended targets, in many cases abandoned or partially abandoned communities in the outbacks of several Frontier worlds.

Because Regency forces in the Frontier were organized to repel massed fleet units, and not more mobile raiders, the response of its fleets were initially clumsy and hamhanded. The raiders would attack small targets, induce the less mobile Regency forces to counterattack, and then would melt away after inflicting heavy losses. The viral strategy was rather simple: to wear down the Frontier defenses through attrition until its forces could effect a full breakthrough. A break in the fighting in 1162 gave Regency forces the time to reorganize the local 61st Fleet into smaller task forces, and shift from a reactive defensive posture to an active search for the main Virus Hive and its base. Defense squadrons contained further attacks and dedicated Pathfinder units tracked the retreating Virus fleets into the Wilds. Finally in 1165 the 61st, reinforced by the 315th and 55th Fleets, cornered and destroyed the main hive at Tuedhikhuez. The patient tactics of the Antra viruses signaled a shift in Viral organization and sophistication, and reinforced the reorganization of Regency naval doctrine.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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