Andrew Harbin

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Duke Sir Andrew Harbin, OI (Order of Ilelish), Marquis Berkshire/Liasdi (Zarushagaar 1024). Born 101-1064. Fourteenth in his line to be Duke of Liasdi subsector. Sector Duke of Zarushagaar.

Andrew worked throughout his career to make his sector more responsive to its citizen's needs and to improve the quality of life for them. He solicited, and received, aid from Dulinor for a number of his projects. While Andrew and the Archduke were never close personal friends, the Duke was by nature more conservative than Dulinor, they enjoyed a good working relationship.

Duke Andrew rallied much of the senior nobility in spinward Zarushagar to the Archduke's side at the start of the Rebellion. His primary motivation was to support an ideology he himself espoused. Unfortunately, the Duke's support for the new emperor was short lived. Liasdi, the sector capital, was invaded in 1118 by the Vengeance Fleet and Andrew was forced to flee. Today, the former Sector Duke resides as Dulinor's guest on Dlan.

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