Alphard (star)

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Spectral K3 II-IIIa
Type Giant/Bright Giant
Luminosity 800 LSol
Absolute magnitude -1.7
Mag Terra 2.00
Temperature 4120° K
Mass 3.0 MSol
Radius 50.0 RSol

The star Alphard (otherwise known as Alpha Hydrae or Cor Hydrae) is a yellow-orange spectral type K3 star that has evolved away from the main sequence onto the giant branch as its core hydrogen fuel supply has become depleted.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

  • The spectrum of Alphard revelas an excess of barium, which is an element that is normally produced by the s-process of nucleosynthesis. Typically stars with such barium excesses belong to binary systems and the associated anomalies in barium abundances are explained by mass transfer from a companion white dwarf star.
  • The Alphard star system lies approximately 55.3pc from Terra, and is located in a Rimward/Rimtrailing direction from Terra at bearing 241.5o Galactic Longitude and +29.0o North Galactic Latitude.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

There are two worlds within charted space bearing the name Alphard. However, neither of these are mainworlds of the canonical star named Alphard (Alpha Hydrae).

  • Alphard (Magyar 1701) - Binary star K3 V / M5 V
  • Alphard (Alpha Crucis 1232) - Binary star K2 V / M8 V

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