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House Alkhalikoi is the current dynasty holding the prime title "Emperor" of the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

House Alkhalikoi, family of the standing Emperor.

  • Note: For the moment, I'm just trying to list all the members of this family in one place.

House Geneology[edit]

Main line:

  • Alwar Sadek. "A famous antecedent of the Imperial line".
  • Anton Royden Alkhalikoi, 2nd Duke of Rhylanor.
  • Maryam Plankwell Khatami of Zivije. Married Anton.
  • Arbellatra Khatami Alkhalikoi. 32nd Empress of the Imperium.
  • Sergey Torgyan Ashram, Duke of Cemplas. Married Arbellatra.
  • Zhakirov Ashram Alkhalikoi, 33rd Emperor of the Imperium.
  • Anton Ashram Alkhalikoi, 2nd issue of Arbellatra and Sergey.
  • Maryam Ashram Alkhalikoi, 3rd issue of Arbellatra and Sergey.
  • Margaret I. Oldest issue of Zhakirov. Died without issue.
  • Paulo I. Second issue of Zhakirov. There may or may not have been more siblings.
  • Tomutov I. Oldest issue of Paulo I, so there was at least one sibling.
  • Paula II. Oldest issue of Tomutov I, so there was at least one sibling.
  • Tomutova II. Third issue of Paula II. Preceding heirs died before ascending the throne. There may or may not have been younger siblings.
  • Margaret II. Oldest issue of Tomutova II, so there was at least one sibling.
  • Tomolin Alkhalikoi. Oldest issue of Margaret II and father of Styryx. Born 901, died 944.
  •  ?, 2nd son (issue?) of Margaret II.
  • Sergey Alkhalikoi, 3rd son (issue?) of Margaret II.
  • Styryx. Oldest issue of Tomolin, so there was at least one sibling. Married Charmian (Non-canonical).
  • Gavin. Oldest surviving issue of Styryx.
  • Garlan, nephew of Styryx. Presunmably an Alkhalikoi.
  • Paulo Jaellemo Alkhalikoi (Paulo III).
  • Elbet Osmanlia Aella, daughter of a count in the Gushemege sector. Married Paulo III.
  • James, younger brother of Paulo.
  • Asan youngest brother of Paulo. Duke of Anaxias.
  • Strephon Aella Alkhalikoi, 1st issue of Paulo and Elbet.
  • Lydia Aella Alkhalikoi, 2nd issue of Paulo and Elbet. Married Dresden of Sanches (below).
  • Iolanthe Abartii Guuibataashullibaa. Married Strephon.
  • Ciencia Iphegenia Guuibataashullibaa Alkhalikoi. only issue of Strephon and Iolanthe.

Collateral Line/s[edit]

No information yet available.

Alkhalikois of Sanches[edit]

  • Dresden Paulo Alkhalikoi, Duke of Sanches. Descendant of Sergey, 3rd son of Margaret II. (Or Dresden Paulo [father's family] Alkhalikoi. Is Paulo really a family name?)
  • Varian Alkhalikoi Alkhalikoi, Duke of Sanches. 1st son of Dresden and Lydia.
  • Lucan Alkhalikoi Alkhalikoi, 2nd son of Dresden and Lydia.

Alkhalikois of Delphi[edit]

  • Anedon Iella Alkhalikoi. Duke of Anaxias. Son of Asan. Married Cassir. Died 1102.
  • Cassir Yumash Yetrina. Youngest daughter of Duke Altoveros II of Delphi.
  • Margaret Yetrina Alkhalikoi Tukera. Only issue of Anedon and Cassir. Duchess of Delphi and Anaxias. Married Count Blaine Tukera.

More distant relatives[edit]

  • Jarl Fennes. Duke of ?. "One of the Emperor's many cousins".

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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House Foundation[edit]

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House Members of Distinction[edit]

Image Repository[edit]

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