Algieba (star)

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Algieba A
Spectral K0 III
Type Giant
Multiple Binary
Luminosity 320 LSol
Absolute magnitude -0.27
Mag Terra 2.37
Temperature 4470° K
Mass 1.23 MSol
Radius 31.88 RSol
Companion Algieba B
Algieba B
Spectral G7 III
Type Giant
Multiple Companion
Luminosity 40 LSol
Absolute magnitude +0.98
Mag Terra 3.64
Temperature 4980° K
Mass ~2.0(?) MSol
Radius 10.0 RSol

The Algieba star system (otherwise known as Gamma Leonis) is composed of a binary pair of giant stars: Algieba A (an orange K0 III giant), and Algieba B (an odd greenish-yellow G7 III giant).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The stars of the Algieba system are separated by about 170AU, and have an orbital period of 510.3 years.

  • The binary stars of this system are characterized by a highly eccentric orbit about one another (e=0.845).
  • Both stars are almost certainly true giants, meaning that they have stopped fusing hydrogen to helium in their cores, and their outer layers have expanded to great proportions as a result of the slow collapse and heating up of their cores as helium fusion has begun.

The Algieba star system is approximately 40.0pc from Terra, and is located in a Rimward direction from Terra at bearing 216.6o Galactic Longitude and +54.7o North Galactic Latitude.

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