Aerogel Launcher

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Aerogel Launcher
Imperial Sunburst-Sun-IISS-Traveller.gif
Group: TBD
Tech Level 12
Size TBD
Weight TBD
Cost Cr100
Ammo TBD
Manufacturer SchwartzCo

An Aerogel Launcher is a device built as a toy for children. It's a very low powered Semi-automatic Gauss Rifle firing 10.0 cm diameter 20.0 g blobs of plasteel aerogel. Range is between 10.0 meters and 20.0 meters.

The aerogel blobs are usually brightly colored, even luminescent. In addition to colors, the ammunition comes in either solid surface or sticky. Solid surface blobs will bounce around like balls upon impact, making for fun games afterwards. The sticky blobs are coated with a very mild adhesive.

The outer casing of the launcher varies by manufacturer from a brightly colored plastic to an almost exact replica of the Imperial Army standard issue FGMP.

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