Advanced Cybernetic Arm

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Advanced Cybernetic Arm
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Cost Cr500,000
Size 7 liters average
Type Cyberware
Tech Level TL–11
Weight 7 kg average
Manufacturer Various

An Advanced Cybernetic Arm is a Cyberware device.

  • It is a replacement for an organic limb.
  • The exact size and dimensions of the arm are tailored to match the physical characteristics of the recipient.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A battery powered cybernetic limb constructed from strong lightweight materials that includes a Basic Cybernetic Hand as standard. It is designed to have superior strength and capabilities relative to an organic arm.

  • An Advanced Cybernetic Arm replaces approximately 10% of the body in humans. In other sophonts, an arm may represent a greater or lesser percentage of the body.
  • It may have a pseudobio appearance, with synthetic skin, silent operation and normal body temperatures.
  • Some individuals prefer a colorful or bizarre finish or leave the internal mechanics of the arm exposed.
  • It may be multi-jointed, allowing for greater articulation and range of movement.

The Advanced Cybernetic Arm directly connects to the individual's nervous system, allowing it to be controlled as though it were a natural limb. It provides enhanced sensory feedback including touch, pressure, texture and temperature. Modifications and devices fitted to the arm may be consciously controlled and directed.

  • The arm provides feedback about its power levels, functionality, and component status.
  • Exceeding the design specifications may cause the arm to malfunction or cause injury to the individual. In extreme cases it may tear away from the body.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Advanced Cybernetic Arm is a life-like prosthesis designed to replace an organic limb. It is knitted into the body around the shoulder (for a full arm replacement) or the elbow (for a forearm replacement). Note that forearm replacements have less volume and fewer upgrade options and as such are generally cheaper and lighter.

Similar devices have been in use since the days of the First Imperium. They reached their modern form through Terran medical advances achieved during the Interstellar Wars period.


Depending on its size, the arm may be fitted with up to three configuration modifications. Upgrades may include:

  • Advanced Cybernetic Hand: a sophisticated manipulator.
  • Combat Hand: a manipulator tailored for military and combat applications.
    • Integrated Firearms (weaponization, requiring a Combat Hand): typically an Assault Rifle, a Gauss Rifle, or a Laser Carbine. Weapons are generally mounted within the forearm.
    • Integrated Missile Launcher (weaponization, requiring a Combat Hand): a pop-up launcher with six micro missiles mounting HE warheads. Weapons are generally mounted within the forearm. Some variants allow the missiles to be fired through the palm of the hand.
  • Grappling Array: the arm contains 100m of spooled high tensile cable, while the hand itself serves as the grapnel: the hand can be explosively launched and can also be retracted. The hand retains sensitivity via the cable.
  • Integrated Medical Kit: the kit auto dispenses medication and drugs but can be removed from the arm to treat other individuals.
  • Drone Housing: the arm contains a compact surveillance drone that can be launched and recovered.
  • Tool Kit: the arm contains a comprehensive range of tools. Digits can be used as powered mountings.
  • Armor: the arm may be fitted with armor, either as an integral feature or as external plates.

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