Advanced Combat Rifle

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Group: Rifle
Tech Level 10
Size Longarm
Weight 2.8 kg
Cost Cr550 (AFAIR)
Ammo 5mm bullet; 5mm slug; Discarding sabot; 40mm Grenade
Manufacturer Various

The Advanced Combat Rifle or ACR is a progressive development of the Assault Rifle, a projectile-firing small arms weapon.

The advanced combat rifle (ACR) typically fires either a high explosive (HE) bullet at 900 meters per second or a discarding sabot (DS) at 1,200 meters per second. A magazine containing 20 rounds is inserted into the underside of the weapon behind the pistol grip. The weapon may be fired either automatically or semiautomatically ( with the Assault Rifle).

Standard equipment includes an electronic battlefield sight, which incorporates both light amplification and passive IR, visual magnification, and a laser range finder which may also be used as a target painting device. The weapon is also gyroscopically stabilized during firing. A sling is provided along with the weapon, and the muzzle of the Rifle includes an integral flash suppressor and an adapter for launching a RAM shoot-through grenade.

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