Adv 7: Broadsword

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Classic Traveller Adventure 7
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Loren Wiseman
Format Digest
Canonical 1
Year Published 1982
Pages 48
Available from RPGNow
Product No. 326

Broadsword - the first in a class of 800-ton mercenary cruisers devoted to keeping the peace and restoring order, for a price.

Included are detailed deck plans, tables of organization and equipment for the strike team aboard, and four exciting scenarios (one for use with High Guard and three for use with Mercenary and Striker!), all set in the Vilis Subsector, against the backdrop of the Fifth Frontier War.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

The book contains information on Broadsword class Mercenary Cruisers that originally appeared in an article in Journal of the Travellers Aid Society, Volume 8 by Marc Miller


Loren Wiseman
Art direction
Rich Banner and Chris Purcell
Deck Plans
Charmain Geist
William H. Keith, Jr.

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 4
The Situation 6
Scenario I: The Raid 8
Scenario II: The Ambush 10
Scenario III: Escort 11
Scenario IV: Boarding Party 12
Ref's Notes 14
Broadsword class Mercenary Cruisers 16
Personnel 32
Opposing Ships 37
The Vilis Subsector 38
Opposing Organisations 40
Library Data 46
A Final Word 48