Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril

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Across the Bright Face/Mission on Mithril
Classic Traveller Double Adventure 2
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Author Marc Miller
Format Digest
Canonical 1
Edition 1st
Year Published 1980
Pages 48
Product 313

Double Adventure 2 for Classic Traveller.


Across the Bright Face[edit]

A group of bodyguards have lost their client, and may lose their lives.

While accompanying an absentee owner on a tour of facilities on Dinom (Spinward Marches 0201) the team are caught in a workers revolution and are forced into a difficult trek across the bright face of the planet.

Mission on Mithril[edit]

A scout ship stutters out of jump space above Mithril (Spinward Marches 0808). Without repairs the ship will never jump again. The part needed is available on the planet, but it's valuable, and the port warden wants something in return...

Meta-history & Background[edit]

Across the Bright Face was used as the Traveller Tournament at Origins 80 with the book being published at the convention after the tournament was over.

As with all the Double Adventure books, the book has two front covers with the two adventures printed starting from each end of the book and therefore upside down relative to each other and each with their own page numbering.


Marc Miller
Charmaine Geist, Jennell Jaquays, and Richard Hentz
Marc Miller

Table of Contents[edit]

Across the Bright Face

Introduction 1
A Sudden Fiasco 5
A Trek Across the Bright Face 7
The Workers' Committee 17
Referee's Notes 18
The All Terrain Vehicle 21

Mission on Mithril

Introduction 1
Scoutship Breakdown 5
A Survey of Mithril 7
Animal Encounters 15
Referee's Notes 17