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Aaki-Makhidkarun Financial Services, LIC (AMF) is a subsidiary of the Makhidkarun.

Market Ticker Code[edit]

This business entity is traded under the following interstellar market code/s:

Market Ticker Code
Name Code Type Charter Remarks
Aaki-Makhidkarun Financial Services AMF 4 to 12 alphanumeric character LIC None


AMF offers consumer data analysis, finance checks and debt collection to all the major agendas throughout the Shallows Subsector.


Aaki-Makhidkarun Financial Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vilani megacorporation Makhidkarun.

History and background[edit]

In the aftermath of the Vilani Pacification Campaign, Makhidkarun decided to use Aaki (Dagudashaag 0213) as their local financial and administrative debt collecting capital, founding the Aaki-Makhidkarun Financial Services corporation to handle the processing.

Trade Partners: 1116[edit]

Aaki-Makhidkarun Financial Services is a significant client of Zirunkariish.

Worlds and sectors[edit]

This business is primarily known to operate out of the following locations:

Facilities Data[edit]

While AMF maintains offices at all A & B spaceports within Dagudashaag, Aaki is still their main data processing center and the port is maintained primarily for servicing AMFs own Jump-6 courier network.

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