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ANMaN is an acronym for Alepus (2713 Far Home), Neme (2813 Far Home), Mazeer (2912 Far Home), and Nisor (3014 Far Home). The Proper name of the Client States.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A group of worlds in Far Home Sector, lying to rimward of the Protectorate of Leset and generally only accessible only through that state. The ANMaN Worlds have a total population of 3.01 billion sophonts, almost entirely concentrated on industrialised Alepus; all have pro-Mantlerist governments that have recently risen to power following violent internal dissent. Through astrographic necessity they are closely allied with the Protectorate. Alepus relies on imports of food from Neme and Mazeer.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Early Modern Development[edit]

The ANMaN worlds were first settled in the 49th century, during Scavenger Season, though their populations remained minimal. More extensive settlement came in the early 51st century with the founding of the Empire. Initially at least the systems were counted as members of the Empire and formed the personal domain of Henri Charles de Roth, a Five of Tal Varisan descent and the self-declared first Duke of Alepus.

Though the first and second Dukes poured money and resources into developing their new domain their notably short-lived descendants showed little interest in their inheritance. The ANMaN worlds, always peripheral to the Empire due to their distance from the Ritos cluster, formally became independent in the late 52nd century. They were able to achieve this by engaging in bargaining and political intrigue at the Imperial court and by buying off the debt-ridden seventh Duke. Their liberty came at a price – they were required to provide an annual tribute of goods and resources to the Empire, and to grant concessions with regard to military activities.


All of the ANMaN systems remained neutral during the Empire’s civil war, withholding their annual tribute and refusing to supply or assist any faction. This stance earned the enmity of the Protectorate, the eventual victor in the war. When the Protectorate took power in 5477AD it demanded resumption of the tribute that the Empire had previously received – a demand backed by the threat of drastic sanctions and military action. The ANMaN systems were resistant but eventually conceded.

During the first half of the 56th century the ANMaN systems continued to develop their internal trading links and became much closer. However, as their interdependence grew, each suffered destabilising crises including political uprisings, sabotage, terrorism, assassinations and armed rebellions.

Internal Dissent[edit]

The insurgents sought a return to the aristocratic hierarchy of the Fives, to the certainty and stability that such a social structure brought. To the ANMaN worlds, proud of their independence and egality, this was anathema. Evidence was found which proved that many of the insurgent forces received training and support from The Worlds of The Leader and the Vigs, its feared intelligence organisation.

Over the same period, on every ANMaN world, Mantlerist groups rose to political prominence. They were able to alleviate local domestic problems and undertook to provide for the needy and the disenfranchised. As their mass appeal grew they were able to dominate their governments. Each newly appointed Mantlerist regime appealed to the Protectorate for direct assistance in suppressing the last vestiges of dissent. Warships and large numbers of both civilian and military “advisers” were dispatched from the Protectorate, particularly to turbulent Alepus.

The Worlds of The Leader deny any involvement, and neutral parties tend to agree – they suspect that the Insurgents were in fact funded supported by the Protectorate to destabilise the existing regimes, which were then replaced with Mantlerist leaderships also funded and supported by the Protectorate. By the end of the 56th century the ANMaN worlds had formed a Joint Interim Regime to deal with the issues affecting them as a group.

The Protectorate of Leset[edit]

In 5600AD, as a gesture of friendship and goodwill and to mark an auspicious year, the Protectorate abolished the hated annual tribute, the payment it received from the ANMaN Worlds. In the new-found spirit of goodwill the Joint Regime welcomed the presence of the Protectorate and allied itself with that state, a move widely supported by the population. The Protectorate in turn extended its defended borders to include the ANMaN worlds. Although they have yet to be formally admitted to the Protectorate, they have effectively been annexed.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This astrographic feature is primarily found in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

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