Armored Fighting Vehicle

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AFV is an acronym for Armored fighting vehicle

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The vehicle has a crew of 3, a commander, gunner and a driver. It mounts a 6cm single barreled hypervelocity gas operated auto-cannon in a stabilized turret on the chassis deck with direct fire control.

Vehicle Dimensions: Height: 3m (+1m turret). Width: 4m. Length: 10m.
Total usable volume: 140 m3
Total mass: 262.6109 tons.
Production Cost: Cr. 257,119.91
Movement: Road 60kph/50cm, Cross-Country 30kph/25cm
Movement effect on fire: -4 EFP, move more than 1/2 speed -4 FFP, no fire EFP
Armor: Turret front 40, rear 20 and sides 30, Chassis front 40, sides 30, rear 20, belly and deck 10.
Target Size DMs: +4 low and +1 high.
Equipment: sealed environment with life support for 3 crew, 10 smoke dischargers, line charge, magnetic mine detector, passive IR, headlights, 5,000 power radio.
Power: 5 megawatt internal combustion power plant consumes 2,500 liters of fuel per hour, fuel capacity 51,123.65 liters, enough for 20 hours. Ground pressure 8.75tons/m2, Power to weight is 19.
Weapons: There is a 6cm single barreled hypervelocity gas operated auto cannon in a stabilized turret mount. There is storage for 400 rounds of KEAP is included in the price, enough for 20 fire phases. It has +2 signature, can engage 2 targets and its direct fire characteristics are:
Effective: Long: Extreme:
1,000m(28)+2 2,000m(26)+1 3,500m(24) w/KEAP
Ammo available: Penetration: Cost:
HE 9/1/1 30
HEAP 6 45
KEAP 28/26/24 45
KEAPER 26/24/22 49.5
Flechette 2 +4 20cm 150
The co-axial LMG can engage 2 targets and has +2 signature. There is storage for 1,600 rounds, enough for 20 fire phases. It Direct fire characters are:
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
350m(3)+4 700m (2)+3 1,000m(2) +2
A full load of ammo is included in the price.

The heavy machine guns on the turret deck with a gunshield for the vehicle commander. It can engage 4 targets in direct fire. Direct fire characteristics are:

Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
500 m (6)+3 1,000 m (5)+2 1,500 m (3)+1
Carries 800 Rounds of ammo for each included in price, enough for 20 fire phases, +2 signature

Both machine gun mounts are stabilized.

Vehicle: 8
Suspension: 4
Weapons: 2
Electronics: 8

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