2nd Sword World Army

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The 2nd Sword World Army are the backbone of the Sword Worlds Confederation's 2nd Army among the Metal Worlds were the riflemen of the Light Divisions.

  • Nine Light Divisions in three corps were deployed along the Imperial Border supported by the 1st Armored Field Division in reserve.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Light Divisions of the 2nd Army included:

III Corps[edit]

6th Light Division (22nd and 52nd Regiments)
7th Light Division (4th and 35th Regiments)
9th Light Division (17th and 47th Regiments)

IV Corps[edit]

10th Light Division (6th and 36th Regiments)
12th Light Division (18th and 48th Regiments)
13th Light Division (7th and 31st Regiments)

VII Corps[edit]

19th Light Division (13th and 43rd Regiments)
20th Light Division (14th and 23rd Regiments)
21st Light Division (21st and 51st Regiments)

Platoon Level Organization[edit]

At the platoon level, there were three squads of twelve each led by a sergeant, a four man command team with a lieutenant, senior platoon sergeant, a medic and radio/maser man for a total of 40 men/platoon.

Platoon Riflemen[edit]

The riflemen were equipped with CES and 9mm ACRs, combat armor and 4mm Gauss Rifles when available. Nearly everyone has a few 4cm RAM grenades for the under-slung pump action grenade launchers fitted to each rifle, and a few claymore anti-personnel flechette mines are common as well for ambushes and night security.

Platoon Heavy Weapons[edit]

Within each platoon there are 3 Gauss LMG, 3 ATGM package launchers, and one field mounted 10cm mortar with an ammo box of twenty HE rounds for the platoon. It is carried as cargo in the back of the company command post.

Platoon Transportation[edit]

The platoon uses HU-420 Botond Grav APCs (3 per platoon and 1 for the Company HQ).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Regimental Autonomy[edit]

Each regiment is an autonomous combat command with embedded support and logistics.

These are combined arms units down to the company and platoon level in many cases.

The regiments have their own artillery and armor.

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