2nd ATC Division

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The Anubian Trade Coalition raised this unit from an assortment of elite local planetary forces. Equipped with the highest technology weapons systems available.

Divisional Recon Forces[edit]

  • 2nd Division Grav Cycle Troop with 100 bikes

69th Field Artillery Brigade[edit]

  • 4 Artillery Battalions

Divisional Combat Engineering Battalion[edit]

  • 4 Combat Engineering Companies

6th Infantry Brigade[edit]

  • 3 Battalions of Fusiliers
  • 2 Battalions of Dragoons

Divisional Headquarters and Support Brigade[edit]

  • 1 Command and Control Battalion
  • 1 Maintenance/Recovery/Resupply Battalion
  • 1 Medical Battalion
  • 1 Training Battalion
  • 1 Quartermaster/Logistics/Mess Battalion

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