289th Fleet

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The 289th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Iingar Subsector.There are two Naval bases in the subsector, one Scout base, and no Way stations. The squadrons assigned include:

There is the 289.S1 ScoutRon, anchored at Shards, B782545-B Iingar Subsector, 3206[edit]

The 2891st BatRon anchored at Helaguuran, B00058B-E Iingar Subsector, 3201[edit]

  • 4 Vander Class Battleships 100,000 tons
  • 2 Fleet Supply vessels
  • 1 Tanker
  • 1 Assault Transport
  • 4 Destroyers
  • 8 Fleet Couriers

The 2892nd CruRon stationed at Aduulikgaa, B310466-D Iingar Subsector, 3208[edit]

  • 8 Heavy Cruisers
  • 1 Ordinance Carrier
  • 1 Tanker
  • 8 Close Escorts
  • 2 Fleet Couriers

The Iinen Colonial Reserve BatRon, built at Iinen, A593989-E Iingar Subsector, 3010[edit]

Used to appease the local nobles, this squadron is included and mobilized when needed for imperial operations. This squadron is divided into several divisions.

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