209th Fleet

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The 209th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Pact Subsector.


There are (15) ScoutRons located throughout the subsector. Because of the abundance of reconnaissance and communication assets available throughout this territory the main fleet squadrons are unfettered by the need to supply their own. There are (8) squadrons in this fleet which focus on combat assets and can run lean on logistics and support given the number of excellent ports and the vast merchant marine assets on hand. This is a very civilized part of the empire, not some rugged frontier, and the average level of technology is very high. It has always been easy for the admiralty to get what it needs here. There are so many high population and industrial worlds, support manufacturing and fabrication of replacement parts are available upon demand, in bulk. It was not until after the rebellion, that things fell apart in this region of space.

694th BatRon Bradley (Dagudashaag 1822)[edit]

824th CruRon Janssen (Dagudashaag 2022)[edit]

454th AssaultRon Ishigumam (Dagudashaag 2322)[edit]

825th CruRon Nexus (Dagudashaag 2225)[edit]

490th AssaultRon Ekhugush (Dagudashaag 1728)[edit]

628th BatRon Sennirak (Dagudashaag 2026)[edit]

222nd TankRon Kakhirusar (Dagudashaag 2028)[edit]

11330th Colonial Reserve BatRon Maiden (Dagudashaag 2130)[edit]

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