186th Fleet

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The 186th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Old Suns Subsector.


There has been significant colonial fleet influence within the imperial line units. Several imperial nobles have personally taken steps to ensure the local forces stationed here remain at acceptable levels of readiness. Part of the larger Dagudashaag Fleet, with Admiral Cooper Hawkins commanding.

This fleet has seven ScoutRons assigned. Several scouts are detached to deliver messages and orders to the fleets other squadrons as needed. Each has:

There are five regular line squadrons in this fleet.

The 115th TankRon stationed at the Naval Base at Mirkigli (Dagudashaag 1206 B31067B-C)[edit]

The 87th AssaultRon stationed at the Naval Base at Adaim (Dagudashaag 1007 B427448-A)[edit]

The 213rd BatRon stationed at the Naval Base at Ikiir (Dagudashaag 1004 A5A4304-F)[edit]

The 374th CruRon stationed at the Naval Base at Imau (Dagudashaag 1207 A564233-C)[edit]

The 822nd CruRon stationed at the Naval Base at Ediishudir (Dagudashaag 0901 A9B0642-C)[edit]

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