171st Fleet

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The 171st Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Edge (Da A) Subsector.


Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Edge (Da A) Subsector. This formation is part of the larger Daibei Sector Fleet. There is a single ScoutRon in the Edge (Da A) Subsector at Eola (Edge Daibei 0409 D76A147-8). There is a single Naval Base for this subsector navy as well, at Nyanar (Edge Daibei 0510 B567466-B).

One of their areas of responsibility is commerce security and enforcing the Red Zone imperial interdiction blockade on Eketa (Edge (Da A) Daibei 0807 X74A634-5) and keeping an eye on a pair of Amber Zones on Eola, and Grumith (Edge (Da A) Daibei 0210 D8D5341-8)

113th ScoutRon Eola (Edge (Da A) Daibei 0409 D76A147-8)[edit]

915th Interdiction Squadron Eketa (Edge (Da A) Daibei 0807 X74A634-5)[edit]

Interdiction Taskforce 1[edit]

Mobile Reserve Taskforce 2[edit]

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