150th Fleet

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Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Ch'naar Subsector.


Seven squadrons are assigned with anchorages at the following Naval Bases:

S150th ScoutRon, Hudmill, B88A204-C Ch'naar Subsector, 0933[edit]

1501st BatRon, Aursis, A5459BD-E Ch'naar Subsector, 1134[edit]

1502nd CruRon, Gidekis, A76A651-E Ch'naar Subsector, 1534[edit]

1503rd TankRon, Prin, B695300-C Ch'naar Subsector, 1338[edit]

1504th AssaultRon, Ekhuurme , A5437BB-B Ch'naar Subsector, 1538[edit]

1505th BatRon, Dimanaam , A583320-D Ch'naar Subsector, 1539[edit]

1506th AssaultRon, Kirbarus , B547759-B Ch'naar Subsector, 1239[edit]

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