112th Fleet

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The 112th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Quinoid Subsector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

There are five Naval bases in the subsector, 11 Scout bases, and no Way stations. There are eleven ScoutRons, one BatRon, two CruRons, one AssaultRon and a TankRon assigned.


This fleet is configured for internal security and to preserve the flow of trade.

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

Regular Line squadrons are generally ordered to be conservative with their deployments to hold down operational costs and to keep logistics simple. Usually no more than 25% of the fleet's main combat vessels are on patrol away from their home port. Small, multi-function task forces are formed from available assets and given several months worth of patrol orders. After six months deployed they return to their home ports for refit and repair. The crews are granted leave and rotate with other active duty crews, to conduct the next deployment. The numerous ScoutRons are in constant motion in stark contrast.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Because of internal conflicts and dynastic crisis operations throughout history, several warships have been hidden among the fleet's ScoutRons. This is to preserve some autonomous operational capacity, even when high command decides to strip regions like this of combat vessels to settle issues in other parts of the empire.

Tables of Organization & Equipment (Organizational Structure)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.1 at Gryphon (Old Expanses 1609 A424513-D)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.2 at Zetta (Old Expanses 1309 B421766-B)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.3 at Kase (Old Expanses 1008 C887744-7)[edit]

  • 30 Scouts

ScoutRon 112S.4 at Issek (Old Expanses 1307 B679634-B)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.5 at Tantal (Old Expanses 1301 C000564-C)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.6 at Arzhent (Old Expanses 1302 B000564-E)[edit]

ScoutRon 112S.7 at Sardis (Old Expanses 1602 B554764-A)[edit]

  • 30 Scouts

ScoutRon 112S.8 at Sternway (Old Expanses 1002 B784644-A)[edit]

  • 30 Scouts

ScoutRon 112S.9 at Scytha (Old Expanses 1504 C555511-9)[edit]

  • 30 Scouts

ScoutRon 112S.10 at Serpila (Old Expanses 1006 A674A98-F)[edit]

  • 30 Scouts

ScoutRon 112S.11 at Jone (Old Expanses 1205 A310565-F)[edit]

BatRon 1121st at Vaward (Old Expanses 1106 A795A99-F)[edit]

CruRon 1122nd at Medallion (Old Expanses 1604 A310511-F)[edit]

CruRon 1123rd at Sygma (Old Expanses 1208 A99A699-E)[edit]

AssaultRon 1124th at Terzin (Old Expanses 1503 A544AAA-F)[edit]

TankRon 1125th at Aristera (Old Expanses 1405 A567768-C)[edit]

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