100th Fleet

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The 100th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Glisten Subsector.


At the time of the Fifth Frontier War, the 100th Fleet was inactive. It was reactivated out of reinforcements from Deneb and Corridor in late 1108 and put into service in Lanth, replacing the Corridor Fleet which was transferred to Regina and proceeded to force the Gram Fleet off Lanth on 096-1109 and out of the subsector by 211-1109.

The 100th was moved to Glisten in the post-war fleet shuffle. The 100th Imperial Fleet is now assigned to the Glisten subsector; this fleet is one of the primary defensive fleets of the Spinward Marches. There are five naval bases in the Glisten subsector which support the activities of the 100th Fleet. The fleet headquarters is on Glisten, and additional squadrons are stationed on Egypt, New Rome, Romar, and Bendor. The 100th Fleet is commanded by Adm. Goolanzoon and currently consists of 5 BatRons (210,235,241,370,530), 2 Colonial BatRons (Glisten,Tirem), 3 CruRons (124,893,1504), and 5 Colonial CruRons assigned.

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